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"El teletrabajo ha aumentado los riesgos de seguridad, especialmente los ataques de phishing dirigidos a pequeñas y medianas empresas. El 43% de todos los ciberataques van dirigidos a pequeñas y medianas empresas sin el presupuesto ni la infraestructura de seguridad necesarios para acceder a soluciones de nivel empresarial, por lo que son un blanco más fácil para los ataques." Fuente: Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon

Customer Overview

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions Suite, a visual operating system that helps communications providers manage their workforce and networks. Mapcom Systems serves communications providers in the rural U.S. and around the world. They have 150 employees.


Mapcom works with telecommunications companies across the country, and to manage these clients’ software they often need direct access into their servers. Clients often use different VPN systems, and it was burdensome for the Mapcom employee supporting them to switch between these VPN systems while ensuring secure sharing.

Without an admin console, they sometimes couldn’t even have multiple VPN software products installed on one machine, hampering their ability to effectively and efficiently support their customers. In addition, when using VPN, they left themselves vulnerable to malware or viruses that may have infiltrated their customers’ networks.

Additionally, to access these servers, Mapcom had to manage their clients’ usernames and passwords. Securely storing and managing client credentials was a painstakingly manual process, with limited ability to assign password access to specific employees.


The combination of Central admin console and LastPass allows Mapcom to address both their endpoint management efficiency challenges and their need for password management and secure sharing. Security and compliance are a top priority when evaluating these solutions – and they want to ensure their client information and systems are safe without taking on any unnecessary liability.

The Central admin console allows them to stop juggling between VPNs and instead get one-click access to multiple client networks simultaneously. Central also increases the security for not only Mapcom but all their clients whose networks they’re accessing. With Central, Mapcom does not expose its networks to the risk of malware or viruses previously exposed through VPN – instead, they keep their networks completely separated from their clients while accessing systems, allowing for secure sharing.

Adding LastPass allows them to ensure the secure sharing and storing of all client credentials and share them with the right team members. LastPass secure sharing functionality allows appropriate employees to access systems without actually knowing the clients’ passwords. This means when employees’ functions or responsibilities change, Mapcom’s admin can modify LastPass access to a client’s system on an individual user basis.


Mapcom teams have increased efficiency every day as they access client servers. They feel confident that they are accessing these systems effectively and securely. By using the best products – Central and LastPass – Mapcom has deepened client trust and continued to expand their network.

Using two LastPass products that complement each other has made life simple for Mapcom. With so many varied enterprise solutions companies to work with these days, the LastPass ability to simultaneously meet multiple needs simplified Mapcom’s purchase and implementation process.

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