Securing Every App with Okta LastPass Integration

Every single login is a potential entryway for a hacker – and needs to be secured accordingly. Business password management compliments SSO to secure every access point in the business.

With the rapid adoption of cloud apps and web services, many organizations are challenged with ensuring employee access is seamless – and secure. In response, enterprises are using Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to centrally manage employee identities and provide secure access to enterprise- ready cloud apps.

However, SSO solutions leave a gap. In addition to the apps that don’t integrate with SSO, there are countless services that employees bring into the workplace without IT’s knowledge.

LastPass integrates with a variety of SSO providers to give businesses complete flexibility in managing every access point – those integrated with SSO, those that don’t support SSO, and those unknown to IT.

For enterprises using Okta Single Sign-On, there is a LastPass SCIM API integration enabling nan Okta LastPass integration that allows users to leverage the LastPass password manager to ensure every access point is properly controlled and secured.

How the Okta LastPass integration helps businesses with password management and security

LastPass provides an out-of-the-box solution to centrally manage all passwords that are being used and shared, whether those services are sanctioned by IT or not.

How we work with Okta

To ease onboarding and management of LastPass, we’ve partnered with Okta to allow automated user provisioning and deprovisioning through a SCIM API. Our Okta LastPass integration endpoint can be configured for instant creation of LastPass accounts and real-time revocation when employees leave the organization. IT admins benefit from easy, secure administration of LastPass through their Okta directory. LastPass Federated Login is also supported with Okta to ensure a simple user experience.

LastPass delivers flexible security

For businesses that have already invested in Okta for Single Sign-On, pairing it with the password management features of LastPass protects all entry points across the business, including those that integrate with SSO, those that don’t, and those that IT isn’t even aware of. With turnkey integrations, LastPass offers IT teams flexibility in safeguarding every access point while eliminating friction for employees.

Businesses invest in LastPass so they can:

  • Address the gap left by the apps and web services that can’t support SSO.
  • Help IT enforce security controls for employee introduced apps and web services.
  • Facilitate secure password sharing throughout the organization.
  • Prevent password re-use across business and personal password accounts.

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