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Access, simplified

LastPass Enterprise protects every access point through an all-in-one single sign-on and password manager solution.


Centralized, secure access

With an integrated single sign-on and password manager solution, LastPass Enterprise provides control for every access point.


Single Sign-On

A catalog of 1200+ pre-integrated apps and custom integrations provide seamless access without passwords. Learn More >


Password Management

Simplify access to all apps, with the ability to generate and automatically capture, store, and fill credentials for any login.


Simple, integrated access

From cloud to mobile and legacy to on-prem, centralize employee access with an integrated solution.


Simple deployment across all users

LastPass Enterprise automates key IT processes and simplifies employee access for a more productive workforce.


Directory Integrations

Integrate with Identity Providers like Microsoft AD, Microsoft Azure, and more for easy onboarding and offboarding to LastPass.


Compatibility with existing tech

An extensive catalog of app, directory, and API integrations to leverage existing infrastructure, without extra work or cost. Learn More >


Helpful resources

Self-guided resources help admins achieve higher adoption and faster results - no training required!


Powerful admin controls

No matter the entry point, IT visibility into access across the business is critical for security.


Central admin dashboard

Integrations, user management, policies, reporting, and more – all managed from a single admin dashboard.



100+ policies give admins flexible, granular control for the right balance between security and convenience.



Build compliance and maintain accountability with detailed reporting that gives actionable insights.


Reduced friction for users

LastPass Enterprise gives employees quick, simple access to their work and one solution to connect to everything.


A vault for every user

Every employee has their own secure vault for access to all their work tools.


Autosave & autofill

For apps that aren’t high-priority for IT, capture and store logins that LastPass fills next time.


Notes & documents

Organize database logins, SSH keys, software licenses, and other important business information.


Work & personal

Employees can have a vault for personal and work, and auto-sort credentials to the right place.


Improved security posture

From a zero-knowledge model to optional security features, LastPass Enterprise keeps your business safe.


Encrypted password sharing

Help employees share passwords the secure way, and remove access when projects are done.


Two-factor authentication

LastPass Enterprise integrates with LastPass MFA and supports other 2FA solutions.


Zero-knowledge security

Encryption happens exclusively at the device level, so only the user can unlock access to their data.

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