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Psychology of Passwords

Employee (mis)behaviors putting your business at risk

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the workplaces of millions worldwide.

Physical offices closed. People transitioned to working from home. With nowhere to go, they spent more time online. But their passwords habits stayed the same.

Although 92% of people know it's a risk to reuse one password for multiple accounts, 65% still do it anyway. And 47% of employees kept practicing risky security habits as their home and work lives merged overnight.

Our Psychology of Passwords report explores the password security behaviors of 3,750 professionals from across the globe, giving greater insight into:

  • Continued cognitive dissonance when it comes to passwords
  • The effects of spending more time online in the wake of the pandemic
  • Password behaviors in a remote work landscape

Make sure that employee password (mis)behaviors aren’t putting your business at risk.

Help employees and IT admins improve password hygiene and security by investing in a scalable password management solution like LastPass.