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Powerful admin controls

Take back control of password security with LastPass.

Your command central

Directory integration, user management, policies, reporting, and more – all managed from a single admin dashboard.

Centralize admin oversight

Whether you have one admin or many, they have the control they need from a central dashboard.

Customize admin privileges

Not all admins need all admin rights. Our flexible roles ensure any given admin has only the right level of access to get the job done.

Gain company-wide visibility

Put your password security plan into action with controls and features that achieve – and show – real progress.

Integrate with user directories

No matter your organization’s source of truth, LastPass integrates to onboard users, sync groups, and revoke access.

Actionable insight for admins

When every password is an entryway for hackers, IT visibility into password strength across the business is crucial.

Access security scores

See real-time readouts of your business' password hygiene and track improvements over time.

Review audit reports

Build compliance and maintain accountability with detailed reporting logs that tie actions to individuals.

Gain employee insights

For every employee, you can view their password scores, access to shared accounts, group memberships, and more.

Comprehensive security policies

Leverage over 100 policies and advanced security features. Or, use our out-of-the-box configurations for a balance between security and convenience.

Enforce password best practices

Set master password requirements, restrict access to specific devices and locations, mandate use of features, and more.

Group-level permissions

Manage password security and sharing at scale with groups created in your directory or ours.

Enable mutli-factor authentication

LastPass Authenticator is included for added protection of employee accounts, and we support other popular options.

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