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LastPass is best experienced through your browser extension. Install LastPass for Firefox to automatically login to sites as you browse the web.

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LastPass Premium

For just $3/month, access your passwords across all your devices, wherever you go.

Why go Premium?

While LastPass for free is a great first step, LastPass Premium takes your password management to the next level to complete digital security.


Unlimited device access

Save a password to your vault and it’s automatically synced to and available on all your devices.


Emergency access

Always ensure someone has access to your LastPass account, in case of an emergency.


One-to-many sharing

Share passwords, notes, and other items with multiple people to give everyone convenient access.


Passwordless login to your vault

Set your master password aside. Download the LastPass Authenticator app and tap your way into the future of simple and secure online living.

Go passwordless and remove password obstacles.

  • No more reusing passwords
  • No more forgetting and resetting passwords
  • No more data breaches and hacks

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We monitor your security, so you don't have to

Dark web monitoring continuously checks your email addresses against a database of breached credentials and immediately alerts you if they have been compromised.


Flexible sharing options

  • Share passwords and notes with multiple people to give everyone convenient access.
  • Easily update shared items and the changes will automatically sync to the recipients' LastPass vault.
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Emergency Access

  • Make your account - and all of your digital assets safely available to another LastPass user of your choice.
  • Prepare for the future and ensure you're never locked out in unexpected situations.
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Get even more with LastPass Premium


LastPass for desktop applications

On Windows machines, enable autofill for applications and launch them directly from the tray icon.


1GB encrypted file storage

Securely backup and store encrypted files, like tax returns, passports, photo IDs, and membership cards.


Personal Tech Support

Personal tech support managed by the LastPass customer care team.

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