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Effortlessly save, access, and manage passwords in one, secure place.

What is a password vault?

A password manager stores all your passwords and other essential information in a password vault. Think of it like a physical safe but for your online valuables.

When using Safari, your password vault is your home base for everything you’ve saved including passwords, secure notes, and credit card information. Usually, you can manually add your passwords to your vault, or it will automatically capture account passwords when you enter them on every website as you browse in Apple Safari.

From your password vault, you can launch websites, edit login information, add notes, share login information, and more.

What information can my vault store securely?

Password vaults save usernames and passwords of course, but what else can they store?

Payment information

Securely save credit cards in your password vault to make paying bills and shopping online easier. You can create profiles for different cards and autofill that information when you go to pay. No more searching for your wallet.

Personal and family information

Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers – this is all information you often need to know about your family members – and it’s not safe to text or email it. Storing it in your password vault helps you share it securely.

Securely shared private information

Teams at work often have to share credentials to sites and applications. You can store those credentials in your password vault and share them securely. No more passwords on sticky notes or in text messages. Add them to your vault!

What sites should I save in my password vault?


Keep your financial life secure by saving all your banking logins in your password vault (e.g., checking, 401(k), and investment accounts). Also, take advantage of two-factor authentication when available.


Your email is the door to your digital world, so keep it safe. Storing your email password in your password vault helps you create a strong password and rotate it more frequently for safe measure.

Social media

Social media sites contain a lot of personal information that hackers love. Create strong, unique passwords for these sites and save them in your password vault.

Why do I need a password vault?

Unfortunately, security breaches are becoming more and more common, and it’s almost impossible to keep your information safe without the help of an online vault.

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, 8% of breaches are due to weak or reused passwords. And for everyday people, stolen passwords are a leading cause of cybertheft. Passwords are the weak link when it comes to your online security – mostly because they are hard to remember. Your password vault eliminates this problem and allows you to store and use unique, strong passwords.

This is particularly important for businesses as employees have so many account logins to remember, and they often need to share passwords between coworkers. There is no good way to do this securely without storing this information in a password vault.

Which password vault should I use on iPhone?

If you’re using Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers, you may be aware of – or already using – the iCloud Keychain as your password manager to save and fill logins for different websites. For anyone using the iOS and macOS ecosystem, it does seem like a convenient option that saves you time and the hassle of remembering every password. But saving and filling passwords is pretty much the only thing Keychain can do; it’s short on features to help you protect yourself online.

A standalone password manager like LastPass gives you the convenience of syncing passwords and other stored data to almost any device, regardless of OS and browser. LastPass also gives you extra security with options like two-factor authentication and password alerts. When it comes to your personal information, you deserve strong protection. With the option to store addresses, credit cards, notes and other items, a password manager like LastPass also keeps the information you need every day just a few clicks away.

How secure is the LastPass vault?

At LastPass security is our number one priority. With local-only encryption, your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass.

Your master password, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, are never sent to LastPass’ servers, and are never accessible by LastPass.

We are also SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 compliant. This detailed review of our controls and processes is a “gold standard” for confirming the security and reliability of LastPass.

Meno difficoltà per gli utenti

LastPass Enterprise offre ai dipendenti un’unica soluzione per accedere in modo facile e veloce al proprio lavoro e per connettersi a ogni cosa.


Una cassaforte per ogni utente

Ciascun dipendente ha una propria cassaforte protetta per accedere ai suoi strumenti di lavoro.


Salvataggio e riempimento automatici

Sfrutta LastPass per acquisire e salvare le credenziali delle app che non sono in cima alle priorità del reparto informatico e per inserirle al prossimo accesso.

Note e documenti

Organizza le credenziali di accesso ai database, le chiavi SSH, le licenze software e altre importanti informazioni aziendali.

Password personali e aziendali

I dipendenti possono avere casseforti personali e aziendali e disporre le credenziali correttamente grazie all’ordinamento automatico.

How to disable your iCloud Keychain and switch to LastPass

LastPass will store your Apple account password so you can sign onto any Apple device or platform.

  1. First download and log in to LastPass.
  2. In Safari, open up Preferences and click Passwords.
  3. Copy-paste any stored logins to new entries in the LastPass vault.
  4. Once you’ve transferred your existing credentials, open System Preferences and click iCloud, then uncheck Keychain. You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID and complete the instructions.

Cross-platform password management

Download and use LastPass Free across one device type—computer or mobile—or upgrade to Premium or Families for unlimited access across all devices.


Google Chrome

Get LastPass Chrome for the most robust feature set of any password manager option.



Access your personal data on the go with LastPass for Android. Browser and in-app autofill allow for a seamless mobile experience.



Keep your accounts at your fingertips with LastPass for iPhone. Our iOS app now supports in-app autofill for one-touch login.



View, edit, and manage your LastPass Vault from your desktop with our Mac App.



Manage your logins and personal data in your LastPass Vault directly from your Windows computer.


Mozilla Firefox

Secure one-click login with our Firefox extension.


Apple Safari

Save keystrokes and stay secure online with our Safari password manager.


Opera Browser

Streamlined access to your favorite accounts and save time at checkout with LastPass for Opera.


Microsoft Edge

Never type another password in your browser with LastPass Microsoft Edge extension.


And many more

View the full list of compatible LastPass browsers and devices here.

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«Mi piace che LastPass sia facile da usare e intuitivo. Si integra bene con tutti i siti Web e posso fare affidamento sulla sua crittografia sicura per proteggere tutti i miei account, sia personali che professionali. Mi consente di organizzare le cartelle, sfruttare la condivisione con altri utenti e tenere a mente solo una password principale per tutto, mentre la protezione offerta dalla crittografia è un vero sollievo.»

Kenny Kolijn

Mentore aziendale indipendente

«Uso LastPass sia in azienda che nella vita privata. Mi permette di salvare e condividere le password in totale sicurezza con familiari e colleghi mantenendole in ambienti separati. Inoltre, si occupa volentieri di creare password sicure e casuali al posto mio, evitandomi così di riutilizzare sempre la stessa.»

Erik Eckert

Amministratore di sistema, MPE Engineering Ltd.

«Se trattare i dati delle altre persone fa parte del vostro lavoro, come succede nella mia azienda, allora LastPass è d’obbligo. Lo usiamo per organizzare le credenziali sensibili della clientela e non ci ha mai deluso. Quando vogliamo condividere gli accessi con i fornitori o i membri dei team senza svelarne la password vera e propria, possiamo contare su un livello di sicurezza che ci offre tutta la flessibilità necessaria per farlo.»

Sarah Perry

Direttrice del marketing di una piccola impresa

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