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LastPass is best experienced through your browser extension. Install LastPass for Firefox to automatically login to sites as you browse the web.

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Simply, Securely Autofill on Android

Bring the full features of LastPass to your fingertips on Android devices. Create, save, and autofill credentials with LastPass.


Autofill your credentials while using Android

Make life simpler with LastPass. Generate passwords for new accounts, save them once, and they’ll be ready to autofill on your Android device.


More secure autofill across your Android device

Trying to log in or complete a purchase on your Android? With LastPass autofill, all the information you need moves securely from your password vault to necessary form fields.

Seamlessly autofill:

  • Usernames and passwords
  • Email addresses
  • Credit card numbers
  • Home and business shipping addresses
  • Banking information

A dedicated password solution you can trust

Don’t simply store your passwords anywhere. Rely on LastPass’ best-in-industry encryption and security to protect your passwords. Best of all, they’ll only be one one-tap away.


Encrypted at your device

Your LastPass vault is always encrypted locally, at your device, to ensure your data is secured.


Accessible only to you

LastPass zero-knowledge security makes sure only you have access to your password vault.


Integrated with your vault

Synchronized with your LastPass vault, passwords are right at your fingertips whenever there's a form or credential to fill.


Download the LastPass
Android app

  1. Download LastPass for free on the Google Play store. Once you create an account, you can autofill passwords on your Android device.
  2. Enable Autofill in the LastPass app settings.

Cross-platform password management

Download and use LastPass across any combination of supported browsers and devices.


Google Chrome

Connect your encrypted vault to Chrome for autofill and more.



Access your personal data on the go with LastPass for Android.



Our iOS app now supports in-app autofill for one-touch login.



Edit and manage your vault from your desktop with our Mac App.



Manage your LastPass Vault directly from your Windows computer.


Mozilla Firefox

Autofill forms and log in in just one-click with our Firefox extension.


Apple Safari

Save keystrokes and stay secure online with our Safari password manager.


Microsoft Edge

Save and autofill passwords with our Microsoft Edge extension.


Opera Browser

Streamline access to your favorite accounts with LastPass for Opera.

Trusted by millions, recognized by experts


Customers secure their passwords with LastPass


Best Software Awards for Best Security Product



Password Management Solution of the Year

CyberSecurity Breakthrough


Leader in Password Management

Based on 1,305 reviews

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Chrome Web Store and App Store rating

Based on 79,300+ reviews


“I like that LastPass is easy to use and intuitive. It integrates well with all websites and allows me to keep secure encryption for all my personal and work-related accounts. It allows me to organize folders, share with others, and only memorizing one master password for all of those while keeping encryption secure is a relief.”


Kenny Kolijn

Independant business coach

“I use LastPass both corporately and personally. It allows me to securely store and share passwords with my family and co-workers in separate environments and happily generates random secure passwords for me, which prevents me from re-using the same one.”


Erik Eckert

System administrator, MPE Engineering Ltd.

“If you deal with other people's information, as my company does, LastPass is a must. We use it to organize sensitive client credentials, which has never failed us. Its level of security offers us flexibility if we have a vendor or team member that needs access but don't want to share the actual password.”


Sarah Perry

Senior Marketing Director, Small business

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