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Your data deserves a second layer of security

With multifactor authentication, you can protect your accounts by ensuring only the right users are granted access.

Authentication made simple

When you log in to an account, you’re prompted to enter your username and password. You can improve account security by generating a strong password, but hackers and phishing scams will always be out there. And if your password ever becomes compromised, your personal information is at risk.

Whether you’re a sole user, a family, or a business, you can secure your sensitive information by enabling two-factor authentication. Best of all, it adds an extra layer of account security while keeping your log-in experience as simple as possible.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-step authentication – and multifactor authentication – works by requiring an additional form of authentication upon inputting your username and password, prior to granting access. So even if someone manages to steal or hack your password, you can reject the login by not completing the authentication prompt. This ensures that only the right users can access their accounts.

Common forms of two-step verification and multi-factor authentication include:

  • SMS or text message
  • Limited-time verification code
  • Biometric authentication – fingerprint scan, voice recognition

Once you pair LastPass Authenticator to your LastPass vault or third-party site, you’ll be able to enjoy one-tap login for secure and instant access.

Why you need multifactor authentication

Whether you want to add more security, enjoy a better user experience, or choose how you login, the LastPass Authenticator has you covered.

Avoid data breaches

Multifactor authentication (MFA) keeps hackers out, protecting you against phishing, malware, and more.

Log ins made easy

Authentication supports 6-digit generated passcodes, SMS, and push notifications for one-tap login.

Your accounts, on demand

Verifying your identity is simple and secure, making for quick log ins to LastPass and third-party websites, such as Google, Amazon, or Netflix.

Authentication for personal and business use 

Users with LastPass Personal accounts can use the LastPass Authenticator to secure their LastPass logins after downloading the app on their Android or Apple iOS device. Enable LastPass Authenticator and all your vault logins will be instantly secured.

Businesses can secure all employee logins by enabling multifactor authentication prior to accessing the LastPass vault, single sign-on apps, and third-party websites. Additional protection can be added to all endpoints by adding Advanced MFA , which extends enterprise-level security to VPNs, workstations, identity providers, and more with passwordless options..