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LastPass Security FAQ

I have LastPass multifactor authentication enabled but LastPass filled my credentials into a site before I entered my multifactor token. Is this a security issue?

To validate your multifactor token, multifactor authentication requires that you have an Internet connection: if you do not pass us a correct multifactor token, LastPass will never release your encrypted data. However, LastPass also has an 'offline mode': it keeps a locally cached encrypted copy of your data on your local device so that you'll still be able to access your data even in the event that you do not have Internet access. When you log in to LastPass we first log you in offline to the locally cached copy of your data and then try to log you in online. As a result, you might experience cases where LastPass fills in credentials before you provide us your LastPass multifactor token. If you want to prevent this behavior, you can take the following steps:

  • Log into LastPass
  • Browser - LastPass Icon - More Options - Advanced - Clear local cache
  • Logoff LastPass

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My Anti-virus Program Has Warned Me that LastPass Is a Virus/Trojan/Suspicious - Should I Be Concerned?

Most modern anti-virus programs today rely on a trust network to determine if a file represents a threat. As a result, despite signing all executable files we distribute using a digital certificate, every time we release a new version of our software it typically results in anti-virus programs flagging it as suspicious until it is distributed to thousands of users and/or until end users update their virus definitions. If you encounter this issue, the please follow the following steps:

  • Re-download the problematic files from the LastPass Download page.
  • Upload the suspicious files to Virus Total, a service that will analyze the files using dozens of the industry's top anti-virus engines. Unless the results indicate that several top anti-virus engines believe the files to be infected, it likely they are safe.
  • Right click on the files and select 'Properties' from the context-menu, and then choose the 'Digital Signatures' tab. Make sure the files have a valid digital signature and have been signed by 'LastPass' and if necessary, view the certificate. This will assure you that the files were created by LastPass and have not been modified by a rogue 3rd party.
  • If after the above steps you still believe that files are infected or were not created by LastPass, then please contact customer support at https://support.lastpass.com.

Someone has shared a site with me and left 'Allow Recipient to View Password' unchecked, but I found a way to view the password.

As soon as a password leaves LastPass and gets filled as credentials in a browser, we can no longer protect it. As such, if a user uses LastPass to enter a shared password in, say, Google Chrome -- we can no longer guarantee its safety. It might be compromised by the browser, by a virus, or by the network, or even by the end website they are being sent to. This is also mentioned in our documentation.

The idea to use LastPass to protect shared credentials is much more broad: if you use LastPass to share passwords with employees or friends, and thereafter revoke the credentials, LastPass gives you the ability to thereafter quickly and easily update that password. So while we can't protect shared credentials fully outside LastPass (because our reach does not extend to or past the browser), we can help secure them by allowing you to change them quickly and then have that change automatically propagate to everyone else you shared with.


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