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The Easiest, Safest Way to Log In

Gain instant, effortless access to all the sites and applications in your vault by going passwordless with the LastPass Authenticator.

Password frustrations are avoidable


Of people don’t use a password manager


Of people forget and reset a password at least 1-2 times per month


Said a passwordless world would make managing all their accounts easier


Simpler logins are here

Go passwordless and remove the password obstacles between you and all the sites stored in your vault. Set your master password aside. Download the LastPass Authenticator app and tap into the future of simple and secure online living.

  • No more forgetting and resetting passwords
  • No more data breaches and hacks
  • No more time wasted resolving password lockouts

Free yourself from password pains and risks


One-tap access is here

Verify your device with your master password just once, then access your vault using the LastPass Authenticator.


The passwordless journey has just begun

Additional authentication options – biometrics (face and fingerprint ID) and security tokens – are coming soon.


Instant access and more control

Remove password barriers by instantly accessing the applications and credentials you need most.


Create an unbreakable password

Now you can set an even stronger master password since you won’t need to use it as often.


Max security, minimal effort

Get a simplified login experience while adding additional layers of security to avoid cyber risks.


Set it and forget it

As an industry leader in password security, LastPass will eventually remove the master password altogether. For now, here’s how you can go passwordless:

  1. Download the LastPass Authenticator to your smartphone.
  2. Log in to your LastPass vault using your master password and set up passwordless for your device.
  3. No password is required to access your vault going forward. Just use the LastPass Authenticator with one tap.

Want to go passwordless at work?

  • Employees achieve simpler logins and stronger security.
  • Set stronger master password requirements since employees won’t need to use them as often.
  • The less your employees must type and use their master password, the fewer opportunities for breaches and hacks.
  • Fill gaps left by other passwordless providers for a consistent passwordless login experience.
  • Save IT time so they can focus on valuable security tasks instead of resolving lockouts and password resets.
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Frequently asked questions

Will I still need a master password?

Yes, you still need your master password. Your master password is needed to register your LastPass account and verify new trusted devices. It will also be requested upon failed passwordless login attempts as well as any security-related account changes.

How do I access my vault with passwordless login?

Once you have set up passwordless login on your device, you will be able to log in to your password vault using just the LastPass Authenticator app. It’s as simple opening the app and authorizing access with one tap of your finger.

What if I have a problem logging in?

If you’re having trouble logging in through the LastPass Authenticator, you will be asked to input your master password to verify your identity prior to gaining access to your account or being able to make any security-related account changes.

How do I enable passwordless in my LastPass account?

Once you log in, you will be prompted to enable passwordless login. Don't worry if you miss the prompt! You can also enable passwordless login within your Account Settings, and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that!

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Join LastPass on the journey to passwordless. Gain simple and fast access to your vault without having to type your master password.