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Passwordless Authentication is Now Possible

Use LastPass to secure your organization, then streamline access with passwordless login to the vault.

IT admins want to prioritize business security, they just need the right tool to do it


say a passwordless world would make managing all their accounts easier.


agree that poor identity practices have exposed their business to risk.


say that strengthening user authentication is critical and should be a key priority.


LastPass leads the way to passwordless

It will take years to provide passwordless access to every site as providers work to support FIDO2. As a leader in password security, LastPass is committed to going passwordless sooner.

With passwordless login, your employees can decrypt their vault using the LastPass Authenticator rather than entering their master password.

  • Simplify your employee’s login experience by removing password-related friction.
  • Set stronger security policies like master password requirements since employees won’t use them as often.
  • Decrease employee’s password-related risks.

The simplest, safest way to log in


Ease password friction

Employees can easily access the applications and credentials they need most with simple, password-free logins.


Increase usage and adoption

Improve password hygiene and promote secure collaboration by removing password-related barriers.


Fewer lockouts and resets

Save IT time so they can focus on valuable security tasks instead of resolving lockouts and password resets.


Set stronger policies

Set even stronger master password requirements since employees won’t need to type them in as often.


Join the journey to passwordless

Going passwordless begins with the LastPass password manager and LastPass Authenticator. But it doesn’t end there.

  • Employees set up passwordless login to their vault with the LastPass Authenticator app.
  • Additional passwordless authentication options are coming soon and will further empower employees to access their vault using biometrics or security keys like YubiKey.
  • Grant employees immediate and consistent passwordless access to all credential-based logins they need, not just those covered by single sign-on (SSO).
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It’s time to envision a passwordless world

The journey starts today, but it’s a long road to end-to-end passwordless access through FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards. Go passwordless with LastPass to get there sooner.