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Passwordless authentication, without the complexity

Achieve security and simplicity across the business with multifactor authentication.

New challenges demand new solutions

The transition to a cloud-centric, BYO-focused workplace may be complex, but stronger MFA doesn’t have to be.


Increased amount of shadow IT

There are more and more applications and devices managed outside of the IT department.


Enhancing security without impeding productivity

Adding complex security for employees can get in the way of their work.


Meeting user experience demands

If a solution isn't convenient and fast, adoption will be low, and frustration will be high.


Lack of connectivity across security tools

If security solutions don’t work together, you won’t have a comprehensive view of your user.


2FA is just a starting point

Fraudulent and legitimate requests don't deserve the same level of authentication.


One-size authentication doesn’t fit all

Users have different behaviors, devices, permission levels, and personal attributes.


There’s a smarter way to authenticate

Leverage biometric and contextual factors to better protect your business and simplify the employee login experience with a seamless, passwordless MFA solution.


All-in-one authentication solution

Centrally manage authentication across the organization with visibility into every login.


Adaptive authentication

Prove a user’s identity with a combination of factors that adapts with individual users and scenarios.


Flexible authentication methods

Choose the authentication right for your business, so you don’t have to compromise security or convenience.


Biometric authentication

Prove a user is who they claim to be with human factors like face or fingerprint ID.


Contextual authentication

Verify a user’s identity behind-the-scenes with hidden factors like phone location or IP address.


Passwordless user experience

Securely authenticate users into their work without needing to type a password.


Simple deployment for IT

Deliver security quickly while saving time and resources on tedious resets and lockouts.

Get an all-in-one authentication solution with LastPass MFA

Leverage adaptive authentication to secure access to your business, for all your users, no matter where they are.

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